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Order generic zoloft, Order zoloft online



Sneakers are showing in US Men’s, most are true to size; Apparels are showing in Chinese Sizing, refer to size chart in item description; Pricing are showing in USD.


All items we ship out are marked with “Personal Gift” to avoid duties and taxes, we also put the value of the item for $45USD (North America) and $35 for European countries. If you are hit with taxes, please understand that this is all random and we do our best to avoid this.

If the factory delivers the item to our warehouse in the same day or next day, we will QC the item and ship it out right away. Sometimes it takes a few more days for factory to restock certain popular items, we will keep you posted. We offer two shipping options:

• Express: DHL / EMS, $35USD flat rate for 1 pair of sneaker. 7-10 business days to most countries without being held by custom.

• Standard: Epacket, $25USD flat rate for 1 pair of sneaker. 15-20+ business days to most countries without being held by custom.

Our record on express shipping is very fast to North America (US, Canada) and Europe, chance of custom hold up is small. Please be understandable that we don’t control how fast the courier goes, extra delivery time can be expected due to public holidays in China or your own country. If your package is ceased by custom, don’t freak out and talk to us right away. We’ll do our best to assist with the issues. Worst case we’ll refund you 60% for the cost of the shoes, shipping cost is non-refundable. We are not responsible for any duties and taxes.

Exchange and Returns:

> Exchange: we can exchange your order based on these conditions:

  • Wrong Item / Size
  • Major Quality Issues

We need to see proof for what’s wrong with the item within 3 days from date of delivery. Item must be unused, in the same condition with original packaging. Talk to us and we’ll send you instructions on how to send it back. We can only resend the item when we receive the original purchase from you.

Please note: if your item is ceased by Chinese custom on the way back, we can only reimburse your shipping cost.

*S – SSS products are FINAL SALE, NO EXCHANGE / RETURN if there’s no major defects.

> Refunds: we can refund your order based on these conditions:

  • Item Not Available
  • Item Ceased By Custom

If we confirm that you are qualified for a refund, we will send your money back within 2 business days, it may take up to 5-10 business days to show up on your account.

Buyer is responsible to clear custom and get your package if it needs clearance. If you don’t clear custom and your package is not released, we can not issue you a refund. If your item is ceased by custom, we can only refund you 50% for the price of the item, shipping cost is non-refundable. We can offer you a discounted shipping rate on your next purchase. Please understand, we lose a lot of money too if this happens. It’s very rare that custom will cease your package but it does happen.

*S – SSS products are FINAL SALE, NO EXCHANGE / RETURN if there’s no major defects.

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