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    Our customer service is known to be one of the very best in the business. Our super high repeat purchase rate (87%) says it all. We ship fast!
  • Top Security
    Solegem is the most reliable brand for Affordable Hyped Goods. Our site is SSL encrypted, with PayPal / Western Union for easy & secured transactions.
  • Unbeatable QC
    Your item will be inspected by our sneaker nerds to ensure quality. We send you real high res QC photos to review and confirm before shipping.

If you are totally confused by these terms: “UA”, “PK”, “G5”, “GOD”, “GOD KILLER”, “GOAT Ver.” etc, don’t worry. These are all made up bullsh!ts and lies created by other sales teams to sell you sh!t for more, however they won’t get you the best product every single time and you’ll be stuck with whatever you receive. There’s no such thing as true 1:1! Reps will always be reps, we can get them very very close to retail but even two pair of same retail shoes will be slightly different especially Off-White and Yeezies. We have a number of positive feedback from customers who own retail pairs and also purchased our products, most of them said the difference is very minor and almost unnoticeable. If you are super picky and looking for identical rep products, buying retail might be your better choice.

We grade our products very straight forward by looking at the overall quality and the cost we get from the factories. 

  • SG Normal Grade: good quality to be listed with good value / price ratio. Many of our most popular items are at normal grade, such as our Yeezy 350 “Bred” and Off-White Vapormax, etc.
  • SG Premium Grade: one step up, beats 95% of other similar products on the market. Some items at this grade are made with OEM parts from retail, such as our premium grade Yeezy 350 collection. Many sellers would sell stuff at this grade as their best products and call them “Authentic”, “1:1”, big fat lies.
  • SG Grade 1: for insane sneakerheads like ourselves and 26% from our customers. Best stuff China has to offer, most sellers don’t bother selling these because of high cost and profit margin is same compare to other grades. Most items in SG Grade 1 are made with authentic OEM parts / material straight from OEM suppliers in several cities such as Dongguan, Zhongshan, etc. If you want the best of the best, SG Grade 1 is the perfect choice.
  • SG Grade S: for luxury items. Best quality at the listed price range with above average craftsmanship, better than 80% similar products you’ll see on the market, instant kills anything from DHgate and the like.
  • SG Grade SS: for luxury items. Made with original materials and accessories, highest standards for quality control, consider products at this grade “Unauthorized”. For example, to make an SG Grade SS bag, all leather, stitching, pads, etc are from OEM factories (some are not in China), then all these are assembled from a few factories that have good reputation in the business for their stable quality production.
  • SG Grade SSS: our Mount Everest. Supreme quality, most special and unique items available only at Solegem for Luxury items – bags, purse, apparels, accessories, etc. These items are super rare, many are made with OEM materials from our secret trading company partners. Longer than normal wait time can be expected if you buy items at this grade because it’s very hard to get.

Please note, SG Grade S to SSS items are not guaranteed to be in stock even if you purchase from our site, due to the nature of these items, we can’t be 100% sure that the item will be available every single time. Sometimes certain items will go out of stock in 3 days after we list it. If the item is not available, we will send you full refund back or you can exchange with something else.

SSS Grade items are FINAL SALE, NO RETURN / EXCHANGE. Our business partner will perform a thorough QC check before shipping but they DO NOT TAKE THAT MANY PHOTOS compare to our sneaker products. We can ONLY take SSS Grade product back if there’s a major visible flaw on it with clear photo.

Buy 5 items from us consecutively and you will qualify as our VIP member.

  • VIP ONLY special promotion
  • VIP order will be handled first with SG Team 1
To become a reseller / business partner, you must become our VIP first, then we can talk. We have many successful resellers in US and Europe, we drop ship or white label with top quality goods and reliable service that you can count on.
  1. Two ways to purchase: On-Site and Off-Site. We can offer better deals for off site purchase, because the fees are less with PayPal transfer and it’s faster for us to receive the funds so we can prepare your order sooner. Also, you can make a custom order for items not listed on our site, just contact us.
  2. If you order online, you will receive an email confirmation with what’s happening next, make sure to check your junk mail too. If you order off site, we’ll notify you via email or WhatsApp.
  3. We will put the order in to the factory that makes the shoes. Most of the time your shoes will arrive at our warehouse in a day or two, please don’t panic if you don’t hear any updates from us right away because sometimes the factory runs out of certain sizes, we will notify you via email or WhatsApp.
  4. When the shoes come in, we will inspect and QC them to make sure quality checks out. If you want to see the photos before we ship, please add our WhatsApp with your order number so we can send you photos prior to shipping. ALL QC PHOTOS WE SEND YOU ARE FROM YOUR ACTUAL PURCHASE, NO-EDITING, NO FILTER, NO BS, NO BAIT AND SWITCH! If you don’t like certain things such as tiny flaws and want to exchange with a new pair, a $5USD fee will apply.
  5. IMPORTANT: if there’s any issues regarding shipping or the product, please DO NOT file a charge back or a claim on PayPal, this will affect our entire operation and we will give you a fair solution should there be any issues.
  • Sneakers: all sneakers listed are US men’s size, TTS (true to size). However for special collection such as Yeezy 350V2, the toe box is narrow so always go half size up, otherwise pick whatever size you are comfortable with.
  • Apparels: sizing is different for Tees, Hoodies and other wearings made from China, please refer to size chart in product photos. Please put in your height and weight in the notes section when ordering, we’ll get the right size for you accordingly.

All items we ship out are marked with “Personal Gift” to avoid duties and taxes, we also put the value of the item for $45USD (North America) and $35 for European countries. If you are hit with taxes, please understand that this is all random and we do our best to avoid it.

If the factory delivers the item to our warehouse in the same day or next day, we will QC the item and ship it out right away. Sometimes it takes a few more days for factory to restock certain popular items, we will keep you posted. We offer two shipping options:

  • Express: DHL / EMS, $35USD flat rate for 1 pair of sneaker. 7-10 business days to most countries (without being held by custom).
  • Standard: Epacket, $25USD flat rate for 1 pair of sneaker. 15-20+ business days to most countries (without being held by custom).

Our record on express shipping is very fast to North America (US, Canada) and Europe, chance of custom hold up is small. Please be understandable that we don’t control how fast the courier goes, extra delivery time can be expected due to public holidays in China or your own country.

If your package is ceased by custom, don’t freak out and talk to us right away. We’ll do our best to assist with the issues. Worst case we’ll refund you 60% for the cost of the shoes, shipping cost is non-refundable. We are not responsible for any duties and taxes.

For tracking number, contact us with email or Whatsapp with your order number and your name.

  • EMS: Tracking info will be available after we ship the item, it takes 2-3 days for EMS system to show tracking info, this is how EMS works and it’s perfectly normal. Click this link and enter your tracking number.
  • DHL: Tracking info will be available in 2-3 days. Contact us in 2-3 days after your item is shipped, we will send you a working DHL tracking number. Click this link to track your DHL package.
  • Epacket: Tracking number will be available right away after we ship your item. Takes 3-4 days for tracking info to come online which is normal. Click this link to track your Epacket package.

See Terms & Conditions for details

  • PayPal: we are one of very few sellers that accepts PayPal! Customers are covered by buyer protection so shop with confidence!
  • Western Union: much safer and easier than you think! Best and fastest way to send payment for your order. Better protection with your personal info. Select Western Union as payment method at check out, click here to see a quick how to video.

We do not accept credit cards at this moment due to fraud transactions and high transaction fees, we may accept later on.

We practice good business ethics, your personal info is used only for ordering and shipping purposes. We will never, ever release such info to anybody!

Question not covered here? Contact us!